Operation Comfort Warriors (OCW)

San Diego American Legion donates generously to Operation Comfort Warriors because it often provides items of need to our local service members.  The American Legion contacts officials at military hospitals, warrior transition units, and surrounding communities, and obtains lists to determine which items are needed by wounded, injured or ill servicemembers. Once a need is identified, the items are ordered by the Legion and delivered expeditiously. It’s as simple as that. No red tape. For a few years, OCW was a large supporter of the Marine Corps Trails @ Camp Pendleton which is an eight-sport Paralympic-style invitational event made up of wounded, ill and injured Marines and international wounded warriors. Athletes represented Australia, Colombia, France, Georgia, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. About 140 are active-duty, about 50 are veterans, and the rest are international military. Athletes in the competition include amputees, cancer patients and those who have post-traumatic stress disorder.

The trials are put on annually by the Wounded Warrior Regiment, which oversees nearly 500 active wounded, ill or injured Marines and supports more than 30,000 veterans. The regiment, founded in 2007 assists injured Marines transitioning back to active duty or into civilian life, focusing on mind, body, and spirit and actively assists family members as well.

The American Legion District 22 in conjunction with The American Legion’s Operation Comfort Warrior Program provides uniforms, medals, training equipment and food for several of the events.

Thank you from OCW 2018

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