100th Anniversary Media Toolkit

Legacy and vision

These are the two primary planks in The American Legions 100th Anniversary Celebration platform. Since The American Legion National Executive Committee passed Resolution 31 in 2011, plans for the organizations centennial celebration in 2018 and 2019 have followed two related paths: the legacy of the last 100 years and vision for the next 100.

At the national level, The American Legion centennial will be honored in multiple ways including a Gift to the Nation, an illustrated history, major centennial conventions in 2018 and 2019 and other initiatives.

The heart of The American Legion beats loudest, as we all know, at the local post. Every major program of the organization, from Boys State to American Legion Riders, was born at a local post. Whether your post was chartered in 1919 or 2016, whether its an American Legion Baseball powerhouse or a beacon of hope for needy children it’s a story that needs to be told in your community during the centennial. The opportunity to share your posts legacy and its vision are upon you, and all of us as an organization, as the centennial spotlight is cast on our time-honored place in American society.

The 100th anniversary is a perfect time to chart a course for your post’s second century. New generations of veterans will depend on the kind of vision shared, expressed and executed by the Legions World War I-era founders, a concept that has proven timeless. How will your post extend a similarly impactful vision and values to future generations?

As the centennial nears, we should be wrapping up the gathering and documentation of our post history and sharing it on our interactive website at www.legion.org/centennial. Once that’s complete, its time to share those stories and celebrate them in our communities. This toolkit aims to help you do just that, with easy-to-use templates, suggestions, and resources. The goal is to get the message out beyond the post, in front of the public, using all media tools available.

100th Anniversary Media Kit